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Looking for your next probiotic water drink? Introducing Nexba Live Sparkling Water

Posted by nexbaau on 29th Mar 2020

Ready for some great news? Our super-popular sparkling water just got an upgrade! Now it comes with 1 BILLION live probiotics in every single can.

Here at Nexba, we believe you are what you eat (and drink!) So we’re on a mission to create drinks that both taste good and are good for you.

Nexba’s new Live Sparkling Water range

Yep, not only is our naturally delicious sparkling water range 100% free from sugar (and other nasties, as you’d expect from Nexba). But every serve also now gives you the benefits of 1 billion live,  health-boosting, tummy-soothing probiotics. 

Available in packs of 4 x 375mL cans at Woolworths, the range comes in four refreshing flavours:

What’s in the can?

Each can of Nexba Live Sparkling Water includes:

And it contains absolutely no:

  • Sugar
  • Lactose
  • Dairy
  • Artificial sweeteners
  • Fructose
  • Nasties
  • Caffeine
  • GMO ingredients
  • Weird aftertaste

*Erythritol is the science-y way of saying the fermented, naturally sweet parts of pears and melons.

What’s so good about probiotics?

Our bodies are filled with live bacteria, both good and bad. Probiotics are the good guys – the live bacteria that help our bodies digest the food we eat, and even help to create important vitamins.

Probiotics do more than just help out in your gut, though. They’ve also been linked to many other health benefits, including:

  • boosting your immune system
  • improving allergy and asthma symptoms
  • maybe even fighting cancer cells!

But! Not all probiotic strains are created equal. Some are delicate wee things that don’t deal well with big changes in temperature or humidity. So they might not still be alive by the time they get to your gut (where they do their best work).

Feels good, tastes good

At Nexba, we’re obsessed with creating drinks that taste good AND help you feel good. That means we’ve:

  • spent over six years of research and innovation perfecting a natural sweetener blend that gives the same sweet taste and texture as sugar
  • used a one-of-a-kind, smart, robust probiotic that’s proven to survive the journey from manufacturing to mouth to gut intact, so you get all its benefits
  • created exciting new flavours and ranges – including sugar-free tonic waters
  • added traditional health-giving drinks, including tepache, switchel and kefir, to our range so more people can enjoy their incredible benefits.

And now we’ve extended our range by adding the health-boosting goodness of probiotics to our new Live Sparkling Water range.

Sparkling water refreshment with the healthy benefits of probiotics

A refreshing sparkling probiotic water that tastes amazing AND offers amazing health benefits seemed too good to be true until we created it. 

So now, Nexba’s Live Sparkling Water range is available in four delicious flavours at Woolworths, ready for you to enjoy today.