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How to host a classic backyard cricket game to support education initiatives around the world

Posted by nexbaau on 2nd Feb 2022

Nexba is thrilled to be the official drinks partner of National Backyard Cricket Day for its second year! National Backyard Cricket Day is a day to take time out with family and friends and enjoy a game of backyard cricket to support education projects around the world. While the official game day is 6th February 2022, you can grab a group of mates and head out to the park, beach or backyard for a game of cricket anytime! Read on for our top tips for hosting the ultimate backyard cricket game. 

By registering your National Backyard Cricket Game, you’ll be helping to level the global playing field in education. Every dollar you donate will go towards the LBW Trust’s education initiatives in country libraries around Australia and the world. 


Like any good party, fresh and delicious food is a must. Ditch the formal sit-down lunch and instead opt for easy to make weekend food. These Air Fryer Fish and Chips are ready in less than 30mins and these Loaded Sweet Potato Nachos are perfect for sharing. If you have a BBQ, these Better Night Sleep Burgers are packed with nutritious ingredients that everyone can enjoy. 

Don’t forget the chips and dip for after the game, too. These Probiotic Guacamole and Summer-Ready Mango Salsa recipes make great nibblies for refueling between runs. 


Nothing says summer like an ice cold can of drink. But as we know, sodas ladled with sugar and artificial ingredients are a huge no-no for your health and won’t help much on the cricket pitch either. Ditch the sugary soft drinks this summer and grab a better-for-you bev instead. Our Probiotic Sodas are packed full of 1 BILLION gut-loving probiotics and come in two nostalgic summer flavours. If you’re not a fan of the cans, our Kombuchas come in classic BBQ-ready bottles and summer flavours that will boost your gut-health and your mood! 

If you’re in the mood for something alcoholic, you can’t go past a cocktail jug. These Sugar Free Strawberry & Peach Cocktail Jug and Iced Tea Cocktail Jug recipes are packed full of fresh summer fruits that are sure to get the party started.  


You’ve got the food set, wickets out and cold drinks in the esky. Congrats! You’re ready to play. Here are the 10 undisputed rules for backyard cricket: 

  1. Each team should be balanced in terms of numbers, abilities, ages and… number of drinks consumed. 
  2. The dog doesn’t count as a team member, but if he does gets hold of the ball, it is the bowler’s responsibility to clean off any slobber. 
  3. Wheelie bins, esky’s and milk crates are acceptable substitutes for wickets, but only new tennis balls can be used as the game ball. 
  4. First ball not out (it’s only fair!). 
  5. Sledging is encouraged but swearing is strictly prohibited. Bonus points for creativity. 
  6. Thongs must be worn at all times (stubbed toes and bindi’s are no excuse for a missed catch). 
  7. If the ball goes over the fence, that’s an automatic 6 runs. BUT it’s the batsman’s responsibility to retrieve the ball. 
  8. Only players aged under 15 may bowl underarm. Harsh, we know! 
  9. A batsman must retire if any ball: dents the car, smashes a window, knocks over a drink or food of any kind or hits someone and causes tears (it’s only fair). 
  10. The game is officially over when lunch is ready. Paired with a Nexba Kombucha of course.