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Lunchbox-ready recipes the whole family will love

Posted by nexbaau on 28th Jan 2022

If you’re gearing up to go back to school, uni or the office, you’re going to need a packed lunch. Thanks to the rise of meal prepping and the fall of processed foods, we’re becoming more and more aware of what we’re putting into our body. The most cost-effective (and eco-conscious!) way to make sure your everyday meals are packed full of nutrients is to bring lunch from home. But what to make? 

Here are our favourite lunch-box ready recipes the whole family will love. 

Brekkie on the run

Not a morning person? Don’t worry, neither are we. We’ve been told breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but when you’re trying to make that early morning meeting AND rush the kids out the door with a healthy packed lunch, it can easily feel impossible.  

These Gut-Loving Apple Pie Overnight Oats are packed full of fibre, antioxidants, protein and probiotics, keeping you full all morning. The best part? You can make a batch of these on Sunday night and eat them on the go each weekday morning. 

Not a huge breakfast person? It’s important that you get something into your body before getting on with the day. Studies show that breakfast consumption is a crucial factor in nutrition, especially during adolescence. Enter on-the-go drinks and smoothies.  

Traditional on-the-go drinks and smoothies, even the so-called ‘healthy’ ones, are often loaded with unnecessary sugar and artificial ingredients, which are no good for you. Instead, opt for an all-natural and sugar free on-the-go brekkie drink. 


If your tummy’s grumbling come 10am, it might be time for morning tea. If you’re short on time or forgot to pack breakfast, morning tea can come as a lifesaver for busy days. Studies show that eating small, frequent meals can improve your overall health, wellbeing and performance. Packing something nutritious and delicious can give you the perfect mid-morning boost to conquer the rest of the day. 

These Stress Less Balls are packed full of healthy fats and fibre that help keep you feeling fuller for longer. If you’re keen on something a little more substantial, these Perfect Baked Vegan Doughnuts will give both the office and playground major food envy.  

You can’t go wrong with these Good Gut Feels Apple and Cinnamon Muffins, which take a short 30 minutes to whip up. Packed full of probiotic rich coconut yoghurt and Nexba Kombucha, these muffins are compact, delicious and good for your gut health! 

Lunchtime heroes

The humble sandwich has been a lunchbox staple for decades, and for a good reason. It’s simple to make, totally customizable and easy on the wallet. In saying that, there are other lunch options you can bring from home if you’re keen for something more exciting. This is where meal prep comes in. Try making a big batch of something that everyone will like, then everyone can pack it in their bags and lunchboxes accompanied with whatever they like.   

You can’t go wrong with fritters, and these Zucchini Fritters with Spiced Pear Ginger Chutney are delicious. Heat them up at work to eat with a salad or cold on a sandwich, either way they’re packed full of secret fruits and veggies that kids don’t often get enough of.  

Meal prepping doesn’t mean you have to spend hours in the kitchen on a Sunday night. Opt for recipes you can make in a short amount of time (FYI all the recipes we’ve included so far can be made in 30 minutes or less) and make it a family affair! Studies show that involving children in meal preparation promotes healthy eating habits. Plus, they’re less likely to throw out a lunch that they helped make!  

Another great option is this Skin Glow Nourish Bowl, which contains healthy wholemeal carbs, protein and fresh, nutrient-rich veggies. Swap your sugary soft drink side for a gut-loving Kombucha or Kefir for an extra dose of probiotic goodies.  

Afternoon snack

Most of us are well acquainted with the 3pm slump. Whether it’s your child trying to refuel between schoolwork and soccer training or your partner heading to the café before it closes, all of us need a little afternoon snack. 

These Passionfruit Mojito Mocktail Gummies are the perfect afternoon snack because they taste like traditional full-sugar lollies, but they’re packed full of healthy ingredients. Similarly, these Very Berry Sugar-Free Rollups look and taste just like their full-sugar counterparts, but are made with fruits and gut-loving Kombucha instead!  

If you’re trying to cut back on coffee, afternoon snack time can become very difficult. Even the most motivated of people can fall victim to the sans-coffee afternoon slump, and it takes a real toll on your ability to get things done.  

Enter Nexba Focus Nootropic. We know that sometimes you don’t want to have a big milky coffee every afternoon, potentially jeopardising your night’s sleep. That’s why we’ve blended the terrific trio of Green Coffee Bean Extract, L-Theanine and Green Tea Extract. These three nootropic ingredients are a match made in heaven, work together to provide a focused but calm boost of energy. That means you’ll get all the benefits of caffeine, just without the jitters or post-caffeine crash.  

New year, same me

Whether you’re trying to boost your gut health, ditch artificial ingredients or just try and have more fun this year, we’ve got all natural, sugar free and absolutely delicious recipes for every occasion!