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Gut loving recipes to make for dad this Father’s Day (that are better than beans on toast)

Posted by nexbaau on 6th Sep 2020

If dad’s getting a bit sick of opening Bunnings vouchers and funky socks for Father’s Day, then 2020 is the year to shake things up. They say the way to the heart is through the stomach, so we’ve rounded up some of our fave recipes that dad is sure to enjoy (and are actually good for him!). After all, nothing screams I’m-the-favourite-child like a delicious meal made with healthy products and a very special secret ingredient (hint, it’s love!).  

1. For the Whisky lover : Cinnamon Whisky Sour

If you’ve left getting a pressie until the last minute (it happens to the best of us!) then this Cinnamon Whisky Sour is a no brainer. Grab dad’s fave whiskey, some lemons and cinnamon, and order in a four pack of Nexba Kombucha to pour dad a drink that his tastebuds (and tummy) are going to enjoy.  

2. For the sweet tooth: Creaming Soda Spider

If dad’s just a big kid stuck in an adult’s body, he’s sure to love our retro Creaming Soda Spider. Pimp it out with popcorn and a light sprinkle of his fave sweet treat (moderation, peeps!) to make it the most decadent, fun and colourful desert he’s ever smacked eyes on. Because you know he deserves it!  

3. The crowd favourite: Baked Vegan Doughnuts

Put on your best Homer Simpson voice and say it with us: Mmmmm doughnuts! If dad’s a bit tricky to buy for, these Perfectly Baked Vegan Doughnuts are a slam dunk. Made with Nexba Mixed Berry Kombucha, this recipe is good for your guts and will have dad drooling Homer-style in no time.

4. For breakfast in bed: Rainbow Pancakes

There’s a reason why pancakes are a Father’s Day staple. They’re easy to whip up, are totally customisable and can easily be eaten in bed. We’ve added a little oomph to our Rainbow Pancakes with matcha, turmeric and spirulina superfoods that are sure to have dad feeling like a million bucks!  

5. For the summer-loving’ dad: Air Fryer Fish & Chips

Look, you can’t go wrong with fush ‘n chups. If your dad is the kind that loves a salty lunch on the weekends and can’t eat anything without a generous serve of sauce on the side, then our Air Fryer Fish & Chips and Easy Peasy Tartar Sauce are a couple sure-fire winners. 

From our family to yours, we want to wish you a Happy Father’s Day!