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How to cure a hangover

Posted by nexbaau on 11th Mar 2021

Nic Florido

Had one too many last night? We get it. While we’re not advocating excessive drinking, we understand that everyone can go a little overboard sometimes. Nothing says summer in Australia like a big boozy BBQ or ‘arvo drinks at the cricket, but sometimes that means waking up to a big fat headache and an unhappy stomach. It happens to the best of us, but it stops now. 

The first thing you eat after a big night out can either cure your hangover entirely or make it a thousand times worse. As it turns out, some foods can soak up the alcohol, while others contain nutrients and minerals that actually alleviate those morning-after symptoms. Here are our top tips for pre, post and during-party meals that’ll help you feel a little less ‘bleh’.

Before you drink

So you know for next time, eating a well-balanced meal first can help you prep your body for a night of drinking (and lessen hangovers the next day!). You’re going to want carbs, fats and protein, which will help slow alcohol’s absorption into the bloodstream. Give yourself a meal that’s full of vitamins and minerals before the alcohol comes along and depletes them, too. Our go-to:

  • Salmon and asparagus with a slice of sourdough. The asparagus will help your liver process the alcohol better and the salmon will give you plenty of B12 Vitamins, an important nutrient that is diminished by alcohol. 

While you’re drinking

If you did happen to skip dinner and go straight to the pub after work, order some olives or nuts to the table. They’re a great source of B vitamins and healthy fats, which will help morning-after regret. And then remember the advice your parents gave you on your 18th: for every drink, follow it with a glass of water. It’s definitely a good idea to over-do it with H2O, because alcohol will dehydrate your body like nothing else.

Try to avoid sugary drinks on a night out as well. Ordinary mixers like regular tonic water and classic soft drink have a heap of sugar in them, which can cause rapid changes to your blood glucose levels. As it turns out, a sugar hangover can be just as brutal as one incited by alcohol, so it’s not the only one to blame for that searing headache. Look for naturally sugar-free mixer options instead.  

The morning after

Didn’t manage to do any of those things? That’s okay, there’s still hope. These foods will replenish your body and help reduce booze-flu symptoms…


Did you know that potassium is an electrolyte? Potassium is a star player when you’re trying to rehydrate and maintain fluid balance. We already know that alcohol is dehydrating, so eating foods rich in potassium replenishes the electrolytes you lost the night before. If you can’t possibly stomach a banana first thing in the morning, try: 

  • Avocado on toast. Feeling fancy? Upgrade to Probiotic Guacamole on toast. 
  • Potatoes & sweet potatoes (but avoid the deep-fried kind – sadly hashbrowns don’t count!) 
  • Nuts
  • Watermelon 


We know that salad is probably the last thing you feel like but hear us out. Greens like kale and spinach are rich in vitamins and minerals like iron,  fibre and vitamin C, which your body will love you for after a night out. You’ll feel better in no time! Try making a:

  • Green smoothie 
  • Kale omelette 
  • Veggie sandwich with rocket and spinach 


This one seems obvious but is so often forgotten. Remember, if you’d had a glass of water after every beer, we might not be in this mess! If gulping down litres of water doesn’t thrill you, try eating your water instead. Our faves? 

  • Cucumbers 
  • Watermelon 
  • Strawberries

Or grab a glass of Nexba’s Sparkling Water for a guilt-free hydration hit, jam-packed with flavour. 


If alcohol is the Joker, then eggs are Batman. They’ll swoop you up in their batmobile (made from calcium, vitamin D, amino acids, healthy fats and protein) and take you to safety. Fry ‘em up or make yourself a chunky frittata (don’t forget the greens!).

Can’t bear to stand over the cooker and make the eggs yourself? Pop to your local cafe (or order online) a classic brunch option like Shakshuka (baked eggs) or a good, old-fashioned portion of scrambled eggs on toast. Beat the hangover and support your local!

The ultimate hangover meal?

Our go-to? A kale and spinach omelette served with avo on toast and a side of ice-cold Sparkling Water. While there’s no scientific cure for hangovers, that’ll at least have you feeling a little less rubbish!