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New Mango Kombucha has arrived just in time for summer!

Posted by nexbaau|is_sticky on 6th Oct 2021

NEW: Mango Kombucha is Nexba’s newest (and maybe even best) ‘booch flavour yet! 

Nothing says “summer” in Australia quite like a mango. Seriously, is there anything better than biting into that first juicy, sweet mango of the season? We didn’t think so. They’re refreshing, sweet and totally good for you! What more could you want? 

We love mangoes so much we decided to create a brand spanking new kombucha in their honour. A taste of Aussie summer in a bottle, Nexba Mango Kombucha smells like a juicy ripe mango, tastes like a juicy ripe mango, but has no sugar and nothing artificial.  

Plus Nexba Naturally Sugar Free Mango Kombucha is now available in a NEW picnic-ready 1L share bottle at Coles!

So, what makes Nexba different?

With real oolong tea leaves and living SCOBY, our booch brews the old-school way for a whopping 40 days to really ramp up your flavour. Bonus – this also ensures there’s absolutely no sugar left by the time it gets to you. 

And did you know that each bottle of Nexba Kombucha contains 500 million live probiotics?! At Nexba we use a unique strain of probiotic that is specially built to survive the journey from your mouth to your gut – they are the best in the business! 

Not all probiotics are created equal – in fact most of them don’t make it to the gut alive to work their magic. But not Nexba. By using our hardened shell-protected strain of probiotics we can guarantee at least 85% will make it to your gut intact. Wahoo! 

And to top it off, you can trust that Nexba Kombuchas will always contain: 

  • 500 million live probiotics in each 375ml serve
  • 1.5 billion live probiotics in our 1L bottles!
  • No sugar or fructose 
  • Nothing artificial 
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No preservatives
  • Zero alcohol
  • 100% vegan ingredients
  • No BPA