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New Apple Cider Vinegar Soda is here (and it tastes epic!)

Posted by nexbaau on 14th Apr 2021

NEW: Meet Apple Cider Vinegar Soda, Nexba’s newest innovation and the hottest health drink around this summer!

If you’ve ever tried shotting Apple Cider Vinegar first thing in the morning, you’d know that throat-burning feeling all too well.  

ACV can be so good for your gut but incredibly hard to stomach, which is why we decided to pair it with Nexba’s Naturally Sugar Free sweetener blend. The result? Two new Nexba Apple Cider Vinegar Soda’s that you’ll actually look forward to drinking!

And they’ll be a totally valid reason for that smug grin on your face post-sip as every bottle contains 1 whole tablespoon of pure ACV! So you can be sure you’re getting more than enough of the good stuff. 

What is Apple Cider Vinegar?

You may of heard of Apple Cider Vinegar recently, but did you know that it’s actually an ancient remedy that has been around for centuries? In fact, Hippocrates (AKA the Father of Modern Medicine) used to use vinegar to fight infections, treat wounds and help alleviate coughs.

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is made from fermented apple juice and it’s rich in beneficial probiotics, enzymes and antioxidants. To make ACV, yeast is added to crushed apples, which ferments the fructose in the apples to alcohol. The alcohol is then treated with bacteria, which converts it into acetic acid. But because the fructose has been ‘eaten’ up by the yeast, ACV is totally carb and sugar-free! That’s good news for your gut health, making it the perfect addition to your everyday routine.

Why is ACV so good for me? 

ACV has been a wellness heavyweight for a while now, thanks to its incredible gut health benefits. It’s been known to aid digestion and boost metabolism, helping you feel fuller for longer. It also helps balance blood sugarregulate blood pressure and can help with weight loss. A wonder kid!

Are there any downsides to ACV? 

Look, there’s no sugar-coating it: trying to get your daily ACV fix by drinking it straight up is not the most pleasant way to start your day. If you’ve ever tried it, you’d know it’s taste and smell is definitely unique! And whilst ACV has some amazing health benefits, it’s also highly acidic, which means that drinking it straight can damage your tooth enamel and your oesophagus. No thank you!

So, what makes Nexba different?

Instead of spending all morning trying to figure out the best way to swallow ACV, you can get your daily fix from Nexba. We’ve mixed pure ACV with purified sparkling water, natural flavours and our patented Natural Sweetener Blend for a drink that tastes absolutely epic!

This ready-to-drink option contains 1 whole tablespoon of ACV that you can easily pick up from your local Woolworths and surprise, surprise – it actually tastes good! 

And as if that wasn’t enough, we’ve added 500 million of Nexba’s smart and robust probiotics to every bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar Soda for even more good gut feels!

What flavours can I get?

Creaming Soda  

Tangy raspberry and creamy vanilla are the stars of the show here. These two wonder flavours can make anything taste good, Apple Cider Vinegar included. Trust us, you won’t even know it’s in there! This is a dreamy hit of nostalgia you won’t want to wake up from.

Watermelon & Raspberry 

Watermelon and raspberry are a match made in heaven and go with pretty much anything, Apple Cider Vinegar included! This fruity, bubbly number is so good it’s hard to put down. 

Now available at nexba.comColes and Woolworths in the soft drinks aisle!