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NEW Nexba Chilled Range is here!

Posted by nexbaau on 31st May 2021

Is there anything better than an ice cold booch? How about a sip of sugar free Pineapple Kombucha for your next road trip? Or maybe you’re keen on a Watermelon & Raspberry ACV Soda during your lunch break? Either way, we’ve got some exciting news for you.

Nexba Kombuchas and Apple Cider Vinegar Sodas are now available in the chilled fridges at both Coles and Woolworths! Head ‘round to the chillers for a single serve, chilled-to-perfection sip of Nexba’s all natural, sugar free and probiotic-rich goodness.  

And while unlike other probiotic drinks, our best-in-the-biz probiotics don’t need to be kept in the fridge to survive, we know there’s nothing better than cracking open a cold bev when the thirst hits. 

Did you know that Nexba’s probiotics are encased in a strong and hardy protein-like shell which means they can survive on the shelf, in the fridge, in the car or on the go!? 

Swap your sugary lunch-break soft drink for a side of probiotics! 

If you’re someone who’s strolled down the drinks aisle of the supermarket lately, odds are you’ve come across kombucha. Not too long ago, this wonder beverage was drunk almost exclusively by kale-loving health nuts and super-hipsters alike. Thankfully, it’s a fad that has evolved into a delicious sip that has made its way into the mainstream, adding good gut feels to our everyday! 

If you still haven’t jumped on the kombucha bandwagon yet, let us help you up. Kombucha is a fermented drink made from tea and a specific culture known as a ‘SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts). The fermentation of the tea and SCOBY creates a brew called kombucha, which is full of probiotic bacteria that supports your gut health. While we know that does sound a little too science-y to be delicious, we’ve perfected our recipe over the years, so it tastes just as good as a classic soft drink (only much better for you!) 


Yes, it’s true! Our brand spanking new kombucha flavour has arrived. If an island paradise were a flavour, it would be our Pineapple Kombucha. Bask in the golden glow of this packs-a-punch probiotic pineapple powerhouse. You’ll be reaching for your boardies and counting down the days ‘till summer in just a few sips. 

Head to the chilled section at Woolworths to pick up a Pineapple Kombucha, Mixed Berry Kombucha or Creaming Soda ACV Soda.

More of a Coles fan? Our Pineapple Kombucha, Mixed Berry Kombucha, Creaming Soda ACV Soda and Watermelon & Raspberry ACV Sodas are available in the chilled fridges at Coles too!