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Introducing our NEW Naturally Sugar Free Tonic Waters!

Posted by nexbaau on 3rd Aug 2020

Meet our brand spanking new Naturally Sugar-Free Tonic Water range. These luxe 1L bottles have landed just in time for summer BBQ’s and guilt-free balmy ‘arvo G&T’s.

You might not of realised it before but tonic water can be just as bad as – and sometimes even worse than – classic soft drinks when it comes to sugar and artificial ingredients.

Did you know that the average 1L bottle of tonic water contains roughly 22 teaspoons of sugar!? That’s a whopping 4x more than the World Health Organisation’s total recommended daily intake of sugar.

And sadly most classic ‘sugar-free’ options on the market are just pumped with artificial sweeteners instead.

What’s the story behind tonic water? 

A little bitter, a little sweet and a whole lot delicious, tonic water has been around since the 17th century where it was used to treat malaria and aid digestion. The theory behind these medicinal properties, as well as the mixers distinctive bitter flavour comes from its natural quinine content.

To counter the bitter taste of quinine, a bucketload of sugar was added to the original tonic water mix, helping it to wash down that little bit smoother! The British then added a nip of their favourite spirit, gin, and voila! The first G&T was born.

But don’t despair! A guilt-free, natural G&T is still on the cards. That’s why we’ve crafted this delicious, Naturally Sugar Free Tonic Water range. These bubbly bottles have the refreshing and exotic flavours of premium tonics, just without the buckets full of sugar or artificial ingredients.  

So what makes Nexba different?

Nexba’s 1L Tonic Waters contain all of the good bits and none of the bad. We’re proudly Naturally Sugar-Free. You can trust that our Nexba Tonic Water range will always contain:

  • No sugar or fructose  
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No preservatives
  • Non-GMO
  • 100% vegan ingredients

Check out the three winning flavours:


The classic. The OG. The Boss. Perfectly paired with your favourite gin for zero guilt. It’s one for the purists. A simple, light and delicate citrus that can’t be beaten.

Lime, Cucumber & Mint

The modern twist. The cool kid. This one’s for an endless guilt-free summer. Cool cucumber meets zesty lime and punchy mint, ready and waiting to A-grade every G&T.

Pear, Jasmine & Hirami Lemon

Vibrant and zingy, this pink number is a showstopper. Give her the entrance she deserves with some cute edible flowers and a generous splash of your favourite gin. Go on, you know you want to.

Need some cocktail inspo? Check out our sugar free cocktail recipes!

Nexba’s Naturally Sugar Free Tonic Waters are now available at Coles, and Woolworths and online at

Cheers to that!