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Sparkle, sparkle! NEW Nexba Naturally Sugar Free Sparkling Water cans have arrived!

Posted by nexbaau on 21st Oct 2021

NEW: It’s no secret that we love our sparkling water here at Nexba. It was one of the first drinks our Aussie Boys founders made, and even 11 years down the track, we haven’t stopped finding exciting new ways to hydrate without the sugar or the artificial nasties.  

It might just be us, but flavoured sparkling water just seems to hit the spot in ways that ordinary water doesn’t. Nothing beats plain H20 for hydration of course, but sparkling water is our go-to when you feel like something a little extra 

So, without further ado… Introducing our brand spanking new Nexba Naturally Sugar Free Sparkling Water cans. These cute blue babes are your new go-to’s for light and luscious sips for any occasion. Whether you’re heading to a family BBQ, need a lighter mixer, or just feel like a refreshing sip of bliss, these heavenly cans have got your back.   

What’s so special about Nexba Sparkling Waters?

Have you ever wondered how the big guys make flavoured sparkling water taste the way it does? As it turns out, a lot of traditional sparkling waters can have added sugars, salt, and artificial ingredients inside. Shock! Horror! How could they do this to us?! How could they stuff something as pure as water full of so many nasties? Even the ‘sugar-free’ or ‘zero sugar’ versions are actually often packed full of artificial sweeteners that can be just as bad for you. 

That’s where Nexba comes in. We’ve blended fresh and natural Aussie flavours with pure, bubbly sparkling water to create the ultimate thirst-quenching sip. All without a single drop of sugar or artificial ingredients!  

Ready? Let’s meet the newbies: 


Our mango drinks are some of our best-sellers and for a good reason. They’re tried and tested, delicious, juicy, and fresh. Just like mango should be. It’s time to kick your feet up and listen to the kookaburra’s sing. A taste of Aussie summer in a bottle, this beauty smells and tastes just like a juicy ripe mango exploding on your tongue! 


Our passionfruit drinks have cult status and for a good reason. They’re zingy, bubbly, and sweet-yet-sour, this is for passion lovers everywhere. Think fruity, tangy, and tart with a good hint of sweetness. You can sit back and imagine yourself picking passionfruit straight from the vine to squeeze into your deliciously chilled water. Refreshment at its best. 

You can shop our NEW Naturally Sugar Free Sparkling Water Cans at limited Woolworths around Australia, both online and in-store.