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5 Tips for staying sugar-free this silly season

Posted by nexbaau on 21st Dec 2021

Christmas is right around the corner, which means festive choccies and sugar-laden pavs are going to be tempting your tastebuds soon (if they haven’t already!). While Chrissy is a time to celebrate, you might be wondering how you’ll keep up your healthy habits through the festive season, even just a little bit…

Look, we’re not suggesting you go completely cold turkey on sugar a week out from the biggest day of the year. The last 12 months have been rough (to put it lightly) and you’ve earned the right to kick your feet up, relax with loved ones and cheers to the end of 2021. But it doesn’t mean all your good work has to go out the window! 

So if you’ve had enough of the Boxing Day bloat, check out our top 5 tips for cutting back on the sweet stuff this silly season. 

1. Avoid sugary drinks

We know it seems tricky, but this one is actually super achievable. Ditch the sugary soft drinks and mixers and opt for all natural drinks instead. Swap your beer for a boochyour cocktail for a Sugar Free Long Island Iced Tea or share a Sugar Free Strawberry & Peach Cocktail Jug with between mates. Your tastebuds won’t even notice the difference (but your insides will!). 

2. Try sugar-free or reduced-sugar desserts

Trifle, pavlova, chocolate cake… Avoiding sugary desserts during Christmas seems like an impossible task – but it doesn’t have to be! Offer to bring the cake this Chrissy and try out some sugar-free recipes (trust us, they taste just as good!). 

3. Watch out for sauces

If you finish off your BBQ lunch with a big squeeze of sauce for dipping, you might be adding a huge amount of sugar to your plate without even realising. There are some great sugar-free sauce recipes that you can test out, like this Easy Peasy Tartar Sauce that tastes FAB with your seafood! Hot tip: homemade sugar-free sauce in a fancy jar makes for a great last-minute gift too! 

4. Load your plate with nature’s candy

We don’t want to be that guy, but fruit and veggies are nutritious and delicious! Instead of leftover rocky road for brekkie, try a smoothie bowl. Dip strawberries in dark chocolate for a sweet bite that’s full of antioxidants and nutrients. Try loading your plate with festive salsas, salads and veggie dips. Your gut will thank you!  

5. Be kind to yourself

At the end of the day, try your best and don’t beat yourself up if you find yourself slipping down a sugary treat hole! Have a big drink of water and beat that Boxing Day bloat with a big game of backyard cricket. It is Christmas, after all!