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Surprisingly healthy cocktail recipes that are perfect for any spring picnic

Posted by nexbaau on 26th Oct 2021

Spring has sprung and that can only mean one thing: park picnics a-plenty! We’ve finally emerged from winter and we’re ready to celebrate with a tasty bev, but what to make?

If you’re looking to jazz up your picnic drinking situation, you might opt for picnic cocktails. Unfortunately, the pre-bought stuff can be packed full of sugar and artificial ingredients, which is not ideal for your gut health or Sunday hangover.

Not so fun fact: A sugar hangover can be just as brutal as one incited by alcohol! Ordinary mixers like regular tonic water and classic soft drinks have a heap of sugar in them, which can cause rapid changes to your blood glucose levels, leaving you feeling fatigued the next day. Your best bet for a perfectly blended cocktail to enjoy in the park is to make your own with fresh, sugar free and natural ingredients.

We know what you’re thinking: How do you transport all those ingredients to the park and keep them tasting fresh? It’s actually super easy, but you do have to get a little creative. Use old pasta-sauce jars, recycled Nexba Kombucha bottles and keep cups to pre-make your cocktails at home, adding the finishing touches (aka garnishes) at the park!

Once your mason jars are pretty and prepped (PS: a bit of ribbon never goes astray!) you can get to the fun part: putting it all together! Here are our five fave surprisingly healthy cocktail recipes to jazz up your next picnic.

1. Naturally Sugar Free Mango Margarita

Don’t let the fancy glasses fool you, this cocktail couldn’t be easier to make. Full of fresh mango, lime and probiotic-rich Nexba Mango Kombucha, this Naturally Sugar Free Mango Margarita recipe screams summer days and can be made easily in bulk at home and then transported to the park in leftover Nexba bottles. Salt rim optional!

2. Sugar Free Strawberry & Peach Cocktail Jug

Nothing says spring picnic like a share-ready cocktail jug. This Sugar Free Strawberry & Peach Cocktail Jug is full of fresh fruit and gut-loving Nexba Strawberry & Peach Kombucha and takes less than 5 minutes to throw together. Simply add all ingredients to an extra-large bottle or thermos and then carry it down to the park!

3. Sugar Free Mango Mojito

This classic cocktail recipe might look involved, but it’s actually really simple. Fresh lime, mint and mango are married together with Nexba Naturally Sugar Free Mango Sparkling Water to create a delicious summery sip. Make batches of these Sugar Free Mango Mojitos in a cocktail shaker and then strain into keep cups to enjoy on the picnic rug.


4. Healthy Lemon Squash Sour Mocktail

Prefer a drink that’s a little on the creamier side? Opt for this Healthy Lemon Squash Sour Mocktail recipe that’s full of zesty lemon, Naturally Sugar Free Nexba Lemon Squash and fresh egg whites (or use aquafaba for a vegan-friendly version). You can make these ones at home in bulk and distribute into old pasta sauce jars for drinking on the picnic rug. Add a shot of whiskey for a cocktail version!

5. Sugar Free Long Island Iced Tea

Match your drink to your sunset pic with this Sugar Free Long Island Iced Tea recipe. This recipe makes three, so it’s perfect for sharing and is made with Nexba Naturally Sugar Free Orange Soda, so you know it tastes good! Make these at home and distribute them into recycled Nexba Kombucha bottles for a tasty ‘arvo-ready sip.