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Picnics are back! Here's how to set up the ultimate sugar free picnic platter

Posted by Nic Florido on 27th Sep 2021

Hallelujah! Restrictions are easing and outdoor picnics are back for five fully vaccinated pals. Personally, we couldn’t be more excited to hit the beach or the park around the corner, roll out a blanket and finally catch up with friends and family with tasty treats in tow. 

As you hit up the group chat and plunge into picnic planning mode, it can be stressful deciding what to eat. Should you bake? Or grab some pre-made dips from the supermarket? Whether you’re keen to make your health habits stick post-lockdown or just want to focus on feeling good inside and out now that the weather’s warming up, sugar-free and all-natural options are a winner at any event. 

The best thing about picnic platters is that you can put practically anything on them. From charcuterie boards to dessert platters, you can make anything look photo-worthy with a nice platter, colourful fruit and fresh herbs. Impress your mates by bringing a few sugarfree options to the table (or in this case, picnic rug) this weekend to level up your spread. Here are some of our fave recipes for an ultimate sugar free picnic platter.


The humble sando is a picnic staple and for a good reason: it’s easy to make, easy to transport and easy to eat. But unfortunately, store-bought sauces, plain white bread and pressed meats can have a huge amount of sugar and preservatives in them.  

For a sugarfree upgrade that also packs a probiotic punch, opt for fresh leafy greens, grilled chicken, and a chunky chutney. This Spiced Pear Ginger Chutney is jam-packed full of flavour and can be served on fritters, eaten with crackers and veggie sticks, or through salads.  

More of a veggie sandwich fan? Look out for veggies that are in season. They’re better for you because they’re usually fresher (and easier on the wallet!). Take advantage of cheap eggplant prices and give this vegetarian reuben a go. It’s just roasted eggplant, swiss cheese and sauerkraut on a nice crunchy sourdough. Plus, you’ll get to show-off your newfound lockdown bread-baking abilities. Win-win 

*TOP TIP! Making your own sauerkraut is super easy and needs just two ingredients – cabbage and salt! Whipping up a big batch can be a great time-saving and penny-pinching activity too as the fermented jars of goodness last for months in the fridge. 

Chips & Dip

Chips and dip are the ultimate snacking combo, with pre-made dips lining aisles of supermarket fridges. But as with most pre-made foods, there can be plenty of hidden sugars and artificial ingredients inside both chips and dips. A standard serving (about 12 chips) of cheddar corn chips and store bought salsa has a whopping amount of sodium, saturated fat and sugar inside. A great tip is to always take a look at the nutritional panel on the back of a product before you buy – you’ll be amazed at how many preservatives and artificial ingredients are inside.

Your friends will be surprised by how easy it is to make all the classic faves at home with fresh ingredients. Making chips and dip at home is super quick and easy, and you can pack them full of flavourful and nutrient-rich ingredients. 

Impress your mates with these homemade Sweet Potato Chips. Nobody will know they need only three ingredients and take just 20 minutes to make. Serve them up with Probiotic Guacamole and a Summer Ready Mango Salsa that you can easily make beforehand and transport in the esky. These three recipes are the ultimate picnic combo and work well as snacks or alongside a full-blown meal. 


We’re just going to put it out there: you can’t have a picnic without sweets. As travel friendly as they are delicious, a picnic dessert will make your feast just that little bit more luxe. As you can probably imagine, anything pre-made from the supermarket or local café is bound to be made with a LOT of sugar and artificial ingredients. It’s so simple to make delicious and sugar free sweet treats at home, and there’s no better way to show your friends just how much you missed them than with homemade desserts. Just watch out for ants!      

You could bake a cake, but it’s likely that by the time you get to the park, it’ll be squished, squashed and well, a little bit sad looking. You need something that’s easy to serve without a lot of fuss but still look impressive enough to make it look like you’ve gone all-out. 

These Baked Doughnuts with Probiotic Berry Glaze are comfort-food-level deliciousness and they’re easy to pack. If you’re celebrating a birthday, these Pretty Pineapple Upside Down Cakes are the perfect Covid-friendly cake choice and they only take 30mins to make. For minimal mess, whip up these Mostly Monte Carlos. Watch your friends gasp as you take them out of the esky and sit their biscuit-y, creamy and jammy goodness on the picnic rug.  


Not to be confused with chips and dip or sweets, snacks are an unforgettable addition to any picnic platter. They can be sweet or savory, but they’re main purpose is to refuel you and the kids after a spirited game of frisbee or play in the playground.  

As usual, the pre-made stuff can be loaded with sugar, preservatives or artificial ingredients, so it’s always better to make your own. For those of us who are time-poor, our hot tip is to make extras and keep some in the car for the way home or in your bag on the walk to the perfect picnic spot. Either way, it’s always a good idea to keep some snacks on hand. 

Our faves are these Stress Less Balls that are made with plant-based protein, healthy fats and fibre (but still taste like a chocolate-y treat). If chocolate’s not really your thing, these Passionfruit Mojito Mocktail Gummies taste even better than their sugary counterparts and can be kept in a container in your bag all day and still taste fresh. Or take advantage of cheap strawberries which are in abundance this spring and opt for these Very Berry Sugar-Free Rollups that take up no space at all.  

To drink

The best thing about picnics? BYO drinks. Go all out with homemade cocktails served in travel-friendly mason jars or whip up a cocktail jug to share. While there are plenty of pre-made cocktails in bottle-o’s these days, they’re usually chock-a-block full of sugar and artificial ingredients. No thank you! Health-ify your sips this spring season by making your own drinks at home with sugar free and natural ingredients. 

Jazz up your G&T with fresh peaches and limes or put together this super quick and easy Raspberry & Kiwi Prosecco Sangria jug. Not a big drinker? Wizz up a few Pina Colada Mocktails and serve in keep cups with fancy straws. Want something even simpler? Grab a couple cases of Nexba Soft Drink and chuck them straight in the esky for everyone to enjoy.